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Master HMD!

I don't have an HMD on a lot of my character's journals, so I figure I'll kill two birds with one stone by posting one in here instead. Below this entry, there are the characters I play. If you have anything you need to say, please put it here. I'll be happy to listen to whatever criticism you have about my characters, and take everything into consideration.

Until I know how to do these things, IP Logging is on and Anon is off. IP Logging will be turned off when I know how to do so, as will Anon.

There are some characters who do have personal HMDs, though; sororiacadaver, cruelestpurity, pyroobsessed, and paleofcourage. Any character who ends up going outside of the dressing room will get an HMD in their own journal. This is just for the sake of gathering everything together.


Nuzlocke List


Trainer Name: Minami
Game(s): Soul Silver
Completeness: Elite Four defeated (First Time); Completed.
Deaths: 6
Special Rules: Limited Five Pokemon Center uses per Town; items can be purchased at leisure.

Trainer Name: Jeri
Game(s): White
Completeness: Elite Four defeated (First Time); Completed.
Deaths: 5
Special Rules: None

In Progress

Trainer Name: Flora
Game(s): Pearl, Ruby, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, White/Possible 3rd Version.
Completeness: Pearl: To Jubilife; Not Complete. Ruby: Not started. Leaf Green: Elite Four defeated (Rematch); Completed. Heart Gold: Not started. White/Possible 3rd Version: Not started.
Deaths: Pearl: 0. Ruby: 0. Leaf Green: 10-12 (need to check). Heart Gold: 0. White/Possible 3rd Version: 0.
Special Rules: None.

Trainer Name: Miyu
Game(s): Sapphire
Completeness: To Meteor Falls; Not Complete.
Deaths: 1.
Special Rules: None.

Trainer Name: Lotta
Game(s): White
Completeness: Up to Icirrus City; Not Complete.
Deaths: 1
Special Rules: None.

Trainer Name: Mirari
Game(s): Platinum
Completeness: To Oreburgh; Not Complete.
Deaths: 0
Special Rules: None.

Trainer Name: Seda
Game(s): Fire Red
Completeness: To Viridian Forest; Not Complete.
Deaths: 0
Special Rules: First Pokemon seen must be defeated first, and then caught when encountered a second time. (Mimicing Necromancy.)

Trainer Name: Anita
Game(s): Black
Completeness: Picking Starter; Not Complete.
Deaths: 0
Special Rules: None.

I've been looking at something to get for my birthday once again. I don't think my family would be keen on getting me a resin doll, so I doubt that that will be in question. The things I am looking at though? The Little Apple Dolls.

As I've mentioned on Plurk, I love those little darlings. They're so cute--! I've been wanting to add another or three to my collection, sense I have Irae and Animula already. The ones I mainly have my eyes on are Erro, all of series three and four, and Oscen. Mostly Oscen, as I've become just a little taken to her.

The problem I'm having so far is that the forum site for these dolls went out of business or something. I really want to ask if they actually are selling Oscen; Google and Ebay have been no such help so far, and I think I want her more than all of the rest of them. Worst comes to worst? I'll probably look for Sanem or Oneris; the former being the one I've wanted for a long, long time.

/end the general griping entry of Y U NO BEING OF HELP FINDING THESE DOLLS, INTERNETS

Headcanon Meme deal~

Stolen from pokerap , who stole this from slaygirl . <3

Ask for any of my characters here. Heck, if you happen to be in on any muse ideas I have and such, ask me about them too. xD I can at least try to provide you with the character of choice's...

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Turn-ons
08. Last sexual experience
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks in bed
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

General Question...?

Anyone have the screen name of 'SexyBeeBee83' or some such on AIM? I had them IM me last night, and I have a general habit of blocking things I don't recognize so...I just wanted to apologize if that was the case. /derps

Now with ninety percent less 'life'!

Nothing really going on, if anything. xD I'm still on the hunt for a shiny Vullaby in my Black version. I outright refuse to leave the area and beat the game until I get one. ...Or just a shiny. Either one works! I'm thinking a good consolation prize would be a Sawk, Amoongus, or a Bouffalant. A shiny Amoongus would be hilarious; I'm gonna name him/her Proton after that 'Don't Eat the Mushroom' video. Only the best for a lovely parody. l3

Still, I need to get caught up on my White version too. I've been spending my time catching Petilils like they were Pikmin! ...And needless to say, another muse idea may come of that. When the fourth wall event comes around, I'd love to do something stupid like that. Pikmin Petilil.

Other than that...yeah. Really, it's just the usual piled on the usual. I need to get caught up on tags like the flake I am, and I apologize to those I've been threading with. lD; I've been trying to give all of my bunch some airtime, among other things. Either way, yeah. Just a general update on the little thing called life.


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